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This guy is definitely a guy who gets on stage and says words into a microphone.
— booking agent

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You've heard him on the "What Now Radio Network," "The Daren Streblow Comedy Show," and have likely seen him sleeping in his car! He has also appeared with Michael Jr., and is a member of the Christian Comedy Association.  Donnie started comedy at an early age, and formed his first comedy band in the 5th grade. His creative influences include: Sinbad, Demetri Martin, and the guy who played "Ernest" in all of those Ernest movies. As a result, His style is observational, yet silly, anecdotal, yet substantive, intellectual, yet not so much. Donnie is an entertainer for any crowd that is ready to laugh! From colleges to churches and even the Elks Lodge, Donnie delivers the funny and enjoys every moment!

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Being Funny is Serious Business!

For Donnie, having the ability to bring joy and laughter is not something he takes lightly. Any audience he encounters is unique and special to him. He wants people to leave his shows feeling encouraged, inspired, and loved. He loves people, and it is such an honor and a privilege to be able to give people the gift of laughter, encouragement, and hope for a better future.